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Honeywell introduces Captuvo SL62

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Honeywell has announced its new Captuvo SL62 enterprise sled, an encasement that transforms an iPad mini into a customer engagement tool.

The SL62 helps employees look up inventory, scan barcodes and loyalty program cards, increasing customer engagement and improving mobile point-of-sale. It gives employees access to transaction data via the web or mobile apps, providing an opportunity to upsell products and services and keep customers more engaged in the buying process.

The case is designed for all versions of the iPad mini, and an optional magnetic stripe reader allows employees to check-out customers on the spot, whether in a retail store or restaurant. Additionally, the Captuvo SL62 provides power to the iPad mini when it needs it most, which reduces downtime and maximises productivity.

Also an ideal solution for hospitality workers, the Captuvo SL62 gives café and restaurant owners the ability to facilitate point-of-sale transactions and manage inventory from one device. Food service staff can use the Captuvo SL62 to place orders, describe different menu options and quickly facilitate payment at the table. The Captuvo SL62 can be customised with the brand or restaurant’s logo.

Equipped with imaging capabilities and Honeywell’s AdaptusTM 6.0 imaging technology, the Captuvo SL62 can accurately read most barcodes, including government issued IDs, coupons or loyalty club bar codes. The design is also durable, and able to withstand multiple 4-foot drops.

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