Succulent Chinese BBQ Pork

Delicious on its own or in noodles and rice
Delicious on its own or in noodles and rice
Delicious on its own or in noodles and rice Sealed fresh for ultimate flavour
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Chinese BBQ Pork

Delectable, succulent and bursting with flavour, Hakka’s traditional Chinese BBQ Pork lets you taste real authentic cuisine without the fuss and hassle.

Using only premium choice cuts of pork that have been deeply marinated in a traditional recipe and then barbecued to achieve that perfect colour and flavour, Hakka will not disappoint.

Deep authentic flavours of traditional Chinese BBQ pork marinade brings an exotic taste to any meal

  • Frozen fresh to seal in the flavours then easily defrosted for use
  • Easily heat by oven baking, microwaving or stir frying
  • Par-cooked to save you essential preparation time
  • Packaged in convenient portion sizes for ease
  • Quality assured for consistent taste that your customers will love

Traditional and authentic BBQ Pork, serving suggestions include:

  • Tossed within stirfries or wok flamed noodles
  • Paired with warming noodles and soup
  • Diced into delicious fried rice
  • Teamed into traditional Yum Cha style buns, steamed rice noodles and spring rolls
  • Packed into lunch time sandwiches and rice paper rolls
  • Sliced and served as a gourmet finger food or canapé

Ideal for the Hospitality industry including:

  • Restaurants, Yum Cha, cafes and diners
  • Takeaway and Noodle Bars
  • Schools, cafeterias and institutions
  • Hotels & Accommodations

With fully balanced flavours of ripe BBQ Pork sweetness and moreish savoury marinade, Hakka Chinese BBQ Pork is the perfect ingredient for any meal.

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