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New probiotic and prebiotic frozen yoghurts to hit the market

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Frosty Boy showcased its newest Mona Lisa line of frozen yoghurts at the 2013 FoodService Australia show. 

The Mona Lisa line of frozen yoghurts includes both a mild frozen yoghurt and a lo-fat frozen yoghurt, which has more of a tart taste.

“It has prebiotics and probiotics, and there are a lot of yoghurts that don’t have that,” the Frosty Boy marketing team says."There are a few yoghurts on the market that are really just a yoghurt-flavoured soft serve.”

Probiotic live cultures reap benefits on the digestive system, while prebiotics are an indigestible carbohydrate that nourish or help stimulate the growth of probiotics. 

Frosty Boy’s mild Mona Lisa yoghurt can be used with sweetened things like chocolate, where as the lo-fat yoghurt really accentuates and brings out the flavouring of fruit syrups and toppings, like mango, the marketing team said. 

“We basically launched the Mona Lisa line because that’s what the market wanted.”

The Frosty Boy company says there is a phenomena of frozen yoghurt stores opening up around Australia, starting in Melbourne and Sydney and making their way to Brisbane.

According to Frosty Boy marketing reps, about eight out of 10 inquiries they receive are from people interested in opening up a frozen yoghurt store.

“The frozen yoghurt phenomena started in United States and Asia, and in the last eight months it started to really grasp in Australia.” 

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