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Elaine Young, Pastry Chef, talks chocolate and competitons

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GoHospitality caught up with pastry chef Elaine Young, a competitor in this year's Chocolate Grand Prix at FoodService Australia on 2 June in Melbourne. 

What’s your background as a chef?
Previously worked as a Pastry Chef, currently working as Head Chocolatier / Production Manager - chocolates at Cacao

Why have you entered the competition? As a chef, what do you think are the benefits of getting involved in this competition?

What rewards or benefits will you get from the competition?
First place will get me a round trip ticket to Belgium and training from the Chocolate Academy. The days and nights spent training improves my skill in chocolate, brings out my creativity, provides a break from my daily work routine and tests my discipline and passion for my craft.

Have you ever competed in anything similar before, or any of other competitions? How did you go?
Yes, I won a Bronze medal last year at the Hunter Valley Chocolate showpiece competition.

What will be your strategy in this competition?
Prepare in advance. practice, practice, practice.

Do you know who your competitors are? What strengths do you have over your competitors?
No I don't know my competitors. I designed my piece based on what I think is technically sound, creative and pleasing to the eye. I will create my piece to the best of my abilities on the day remembering the important points during training. Wether or not I win, wether there is someone better than me or not is a different story. 

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