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Great Aussie Meat Pie Competition Celebrates 20th Anniversary

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This year marks the 20th Anniversary of the Official Great Aussie Meat Pie Competition, which was first held in Sydney in 1990.    

The Great Aussie Meat Pie Competition, which will take place at Fine Food Australia , was originally established to help Aussie pie makers combat the overseas fastfood invasion, while also helping to improve the quality of the Aussie icon. The Great Aussie Meat Pie Competition has now grown to become one of the industry’s highest profile events, with massive media exposure on TV, radio and newspapers each year.    

During the early years of the competition, with the input from the team of qualified judges, a benchmark was established for what makes a good meat pie and that standard has been maintained up until today. The quality of entries has improved over recent years, proving conclusively that entrants take note of the judge’s feedback they receive after each competition.  

The most important part of the competition is the judging and an enormous amount of time goes into ensuring that the judging is absolutely fair.    

A team of twelve qualified judges, working under the control of the chief judge, are broken into teams of three. All aspects of the pies are assessed - firstly in its cold state and then tasted hot. Marks are awarded for all the micro aspects of each entry such us the colour of the baked pastry, lamination of the top pastry, thickness of the base, stability and quality of the filling.  

Gold, silver and bronze certificates are awarded in accordance with established criteria.  

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