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Range of heat liners and liner bags available from Fildes Food Safety

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article image Fildes' low heat liner bags produce quality safe food and reduce the scrubbing of pans

Fildes Food Safety has a range of heat resistant cooking liners and liner bags available that help to keep food safe from contamination and protect cooking pans, making them easier and quicker to clean.

Cooking the food with the heat resistant pan liners and liner bags reduces the chances of cross contamination by reducing the likelihood of contact with bacteria, germs and other microorganisms.

The heat proof pan liners also increase the moisture and heat retained by cooked foods, preserving taste, texture and freshness for a delicious and quality meal.

The liner bags are easy to shut with a twist-tie and offer the added advantage that food products can be easily stored, transported and held in them.

In addition to the benefits to food safety and quality the cooking liners and liner bags can reduce operational costs and labour time.

The liners protect cooking pots and pans from hard to remove food, eliminating the need for heavy pot scrubbing. This leads to reduced labour and related costs such as hot water and cleaning chemicals.

Because the liners and liner bags protect kitchen equipment from tough food, pots and pans will also have an extended life, reducing the need to replace burnt pans.

The range of low heat liner bags and high heat cooking liners are available in a variety of sizes to fit different pans and cooking equipment.

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