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Eurochef showcases its baking equipment at Foodservice Australia

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At this year’s FoodService Australia, EuroChef showcased its baking equipment, including its baking mats made from both silicon and fibre glass for bakers and pastry chefs, as well as at-home bakers, around Australia. 

"Brand new this year is our 100 percent silicon range, and you really need a blast freezer for these," the Eurochef marketing team said.

"They are used across the board, from restaurant pastry chefs to bakers and even McDonalds uses them to make all of their McCafe desserts.
They’re very flexible, and a lot of people buy them for home use as well."

Silpat is another piece of baking equipment made from a fibre glass impregnated with a high quality silicon.  

The Silpat mat is reusable and comes in a variety of sizes, including its macaroon size that features the macaroon shapes built into it to ensure uniformity when baking macaroons. 

Among its baking equipment is the Silpain baking mat, which is made from a perforated fibreglass and silicon. This baking mat is the ideal piece of baking equipment in baking bread, as it gives bread a nice and even bake, and is also an easy baking mat to take out of the freezer if bakers and pastry chefs wish to 

In addition, EuroChef also has the Flexipat in its arsenal of baking equipment.

"Flexipat comes in hundreds of different shapes and sizes, and it comes in a high quality silicon with fibre glass," the EuroChef marketing team said. "We are the only company that can actually manufacture [the Flexipat]. Other companies have tried to do it but haven’t been able to do."

All of Eurochef's baking equipment work well from -45degrees  to +260degrees.

"Flexipat is very good if you want to make baked products and freeze, defrost and take out your products," the team said. 

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