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The latest energy saving solution: eco-friendly vending machines

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article image Activ8+ provides tailored energy saving solutions to help you cut costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Coca-Cola Co Japan and Fuji Electric have recently joined forces. The result? Vending machines that use electricity at night time when there is less demand on the power supply.

According to Australian Food News, the machines, which are referred to as “peak shift vending machines” will reduce power consumption at peak times by 95 per cent.

Interestingly, because the vending machines utilise electricity when there is less demand for it, they are able to cool products 25 per cent faster than conventional vending machines.

This is great news for the environment, particularly considering that Coca-Cola Japan estimates the vending machines will use 68 per cent less electricity than their not so environmentally conscious counterparts.

And if test results from the winter of 2012 are anything to go by, the vending machines are proven to be effective.

Testing verified that even when the vending machines are turned on and cool products at night and then turned off during the day, they remain cold for a maximum of 16 hours. 

Are you looking to develop energy saving solutions for your business, yet not sure where to start?

Just as the aforementioned example points out, one of the first things to consider is your electrical appliances. Begin by considering the following questions:

How much electricity do they rely on for their operation? Do they operate in standby mode when not in use? Do they operate during peak times, such as in the middle of the day?

As you can probably tell, the task is a little overwhelming.

Thankfully, Energy Action can help. The company offers Activ8+, a service that offers energy saving solutions by reviewing how businesses currently use electricity and then developing and implementing strategies for more sustainable usage accordingly.

Active8+ calculates current energy usage in a precise manner in order to locate inefficiencies and to identify those practices that require redevelopment.

This ensures energy saving solutions are realistic and effective as they accurately reflect the inefficiencies.

The company is aware that new energy saving solutions can be costly and time consuming to implement, and as such business owners receive industry and financial planning advice at this stage.

Activ8+ also offers mentoring and training programs that cover anything of relevance to energy saving, along with relative energy grant application assistance and loans for extra financial backing.

If you are looking to cut costs and develop energy saving strategies for your business, enlist the services of Energy Action, as its Activ8+ service not only provides business owners with sound advice and support, its energy saving solutions actually work.

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