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Economical Commercial Laundry Detergent Dosing Systems

Electrolux Professional’s latest innovation in commercial laundry solutions will help operators save money and care for their linen with accurate detergent dosage. 

Electrolux Professional’s Efficient Dosing System allows the washer and the detergent dispensers to communicate effectively and calculate the precise amount of detergent based on the linen weight and selected wash program. This leads to cost savings on water, energy, detergent for the lowest wash cycle cost.

Efficient Dosing System gives operators full control over the wash process, ensures top quality wash results and eliminates the risk of damaged linen or skin irritations caused by detergent overdosing. The system also gives you access to statistics to help you control costs via the USB connection. Simply connect to your PC and you can download all of the reports in just a few minutes.

Efficient Dosing System Benefits:

-Best linen quality with precise detergent dosing

-Save up to 20% in detergent costs

-Save time and labour with the complete automatic dosing process

-User-friendly operation with multi-language and automatic functions

-A greener solution due to the reduction in chemical usage

-Easy access to statistics and cost reports via USB port

-Customisable options for usage across various laundry segments

-A safer work environment thanks to automatic detergent dosing

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