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Wholesale cooking oils offered by Cookers Bulk Oil

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Cookers Bulk Oil  are specialised in manufacturing and delivering wholesale cooking oil to different applications such as hotels, restaurants and other food industries.

Cookers Bulk Oil supply quality vegetable oils that are fully deodorised and refined through the company's unique system and they offer guarantee for the freshness of the vegetable oils. They supply different types of oils in bulk forms that include canola, cottonseed and blended vegetable oil. There is also olive oil offered in 4 litre cans. Cookers Bulk Oil supply these oils that are made with quality and highest standard.

The Cookers canola oil is available in bulk packages. It uses the ingredients of antioxidant, bleached, refined and deodorised canola oil. The Cookers canola oil includes 0.1 percent of free fatty acid, maximum of 1.0 MEQ peroxide value, 2.0 colour Lovibond with 5.25" cell, .02 percent antioxidant, clear cold test and bland flavour. There are no moisture and phosphorus.

The Cookers cottonseed oil is also available in bulk packages with bleached, refined, antioxidant and deodorised cottonseed oil ingredients. It comes with 1.0 MEQ peroxide value, 0.2 percent antioxidant, 0.1 percent free fatty acid, 2.0 colour Lovibond with 5.25" cell, clear cold test and bland or odourless flavour. There are no phosphorus and moisture on this Cookers cottonseed oil. To extend the lives of Cookers canola oil and Cookers cottonseed oil during storage and handling, customers have to minimise oxygen, moisture, temperature, foreign matter and light.

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