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Queen's College features the latest blast freezers, selfcooking centers and other commercial kitchen equipment

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Queen's College is one of the largest Colleges of the University of Melbourne with a community of 300 residents, and its kitchen runs on some of the latest kitchen equipment from Comcater .

The Queen’s College kitchen is equipped with the latest cooking technologies, including self cooking centers from Rational and blast freezers from Tecnomac, this is one kitchen operation that embraces change, and is reaping the rewards.

The newest edition to the kitchen is the Frima VarioCooking Center Multificiency.

A new and innovative product to the Australian marketplace, this multi-puporse cooking center was launched at Melbourne’s Fine tFood Show in 2012, where it won the coveted best new equipment award.

Combining the functions of a tilting pan, kettle and deep-fat fryer, this multi-purpose cooking system allows you to boil, pan-fry and deep-fry all in one compact and convenient unit.

When cooking for 300 student residents, three times a day, 52 weeks of the year, variety and freshness is paramount. “We face the same
challenges as mum and dad, how to keep meals interesting day in, day out.

This cooking center has enabled us to cook a wider variety of meals, which is not only a fantastic result for our residents but has given great pleasure to our chefs as well,” explains Ross.

Ross and his team now heavily rely on the cooking center to cook the majority of their meals, including roasts, pastas, stir-fry dishes,
casseroles, braises, sauces and even grilled salmon!

Not only have the students witnessed greater variety in their meals, they have also tasted the change. “We cooked grilled salmon in the multi-purpose cooking center a few days ago, and the students and staff are still complimenting that it was the best salmon they had ever tasted!”.

Head Chef Stephen Diamond has been with Queen’s College for over 35 years and says he has taken to the new technology “like a duck to water.”

“The multi-purpose cooking center has quickly become our most valuable product in the kitchen. We are working more effi ciently than ever before, and the time savings have been enormous, not to mention the versatility it has given us”.

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