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Lincoln conveyor ovens from Comcater deliver consistent, quality results in commercial kitchens

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For many cafes and restaurants, the biggest challenge is getting the consistency right and achieving the same quality results time and time again.

This must all be performed as quickly as possible, and the service must be as important as the meal itself. Faced with these challenges, food outlets are now looking to their kitchens, searching for equipment that will meet such demands.

Lincoln introduced the first impinger conveyor ovens from Comcater over 30 years ago, making the shift from traditional labour-intensive batch-style cooking to the continuous flow of the conveyor ovens style of cooking.

Lincoln conveyor ovens from Comcater were voted the 2012 overall ‘Best in Class Award’ in conveyor ovens by Foodservice and Equipment Suppliers in the United States.

Conveyor ovens are used for rapid heating, cooking, baking and crisping of countless menu items. Although most known for creating pizzas, the conveyor ovens are also widely used to prepare moist chicken wings, tender lamb cutlets, steaks, focaccias and naan breads.

The conveyor ovens from Comcater are capable of cooking two to four times faster than conventional ovens without sacrificing taste, quality and consistency.

The patent-pending FastBake™ impingement technology, which is unique to Lincoln, is designed to accelerate heat transfer for significant improvement in bake quality and reduction in bake times by as much as 30%.

Impingement cooking seals in the moisture and flavour of ingredients while locking in the freshness and texture for longer.

The result is a more consistent and even bake, producing delicacies that have no burnt bottoms, undercooked middles or overbrowned tops.

“For a franchise business, consistency is imperative to our name and reputation, we try to ensure that every customer receives the same standard of good food and great service. That’s why Lincoln conveyor ovens are the perfect fit for our business model,” says Dan Forrest, Executive Chef of The Coffee Club, Australia’s largest home-grown café group.

“After many months of research and in-house testing, we chose the Lincoln 1304 countertop impinger, as it’s small enough to fit on our countertops, doesn’t require expensive ventilation hoods, provides consistent and high quality food each time and is flexible enough for us to cook almost all of our menu items."

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