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Cooking centres impress chefs

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Foodability, Australia's first foodservice-specific publication writtenespecially for chefs, cooks, caterers and all those employed in the industry, recently spoke to Executive Chef Mark Taylor about the Firma VarioCooking Center by Comcater.

These cooking centres are multi-purpose cooking centres that combine tilting pans, kettles and deep-fat fryers.

Taylor mentioned he had just seen the cooking centres, and he was so impressed with this centres he wanted to share his experience and opinions with other chefs.

Winner of the Best New Hospitality Equipment Award at Fine Food Australia, the cooking centres are a multi-purpose cooking system combining a tilting pan, kettle and a deep-fat fryer.

"Not only is it a griddle for searing off food, it can be a fryer, boiler, pressure cooker, bratt pan or stockpot. You can set it up to cook super slow overnight on a probe or at the touch of a button it can heat up to 200c in 90 seconds (our bratt pan can take up to 20 mins to heat up!!) The saving in energy just for that reason is awesome plus not having someone waiting for it it heat up saves on labour too," Taylor says.

It’s a very intelligent piece of equipment, no need to have water splashing out of it when ready to empty, press another button on the touchscreen and it drains itself through the machine directly into your drainage system, eliminating the risk of someone getting burnt or scolded. Talking of water, it also fills itself with water once you have chosen the program from the simple to use touch panel.It cooks three times as fast, uses 40% less energy and there are no waiting times for it to recover. It has a totally uniform heat distribution so there are no hot spots."

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