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If you're interested in buy shelving units, Cambro by Comater's shelving units are more durable and stronger than wire shelving units. For long-lasting and durable shelving units, Camshelving and the Camshelving Element series are among the most superior shelving units on the market. 

Camshelving is ideal for heavy-duty storage needs and can be used in drystores, coolrooms or freezer areas. The posts and traverses of these shelving units are made of a steel core with a thick polypropylene exterior, making them durable, stable and strong. The Camshelving is the easiest shelving to build and adjust.

The Camshelving Element series is a perfect fit for all medium to heavy-duty storage areas and can be used in drystores, coolrooms or freezers. These particular shelving units are made from a revolutionary composite material that adapts to all extreme temperatures, making them impervious to moisture and chemicals.

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