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Carman’s New Muesli Bites

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Until recently, Carmans Muesli Bars have only been available in large 45g portions, but now Carman’s is making mini 20g Muesli Bites especially for kids. Carman's Muesli Bites are suitable for nut-free schools. These bites are based on Carman's gourmet muesli and, like the rest of the range, are all natural; free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.

They are also dairy free. Presented in fun “kid style” boxes containing 10 bites, one box lasts a whole week for a family with two kids (assuming they can resist only having one per day).

The Carman’s employee’s kids were the inspiration for the Muesli Bites. “Our larger 45g bars were not allowed to go to school or kinder because they contained nuts” and when eaten at home, they found that their little ones struggled to eat a whole bar as they were so big. Whilst developing the Bites, the Carman’s staff consulted a ruthless panel: their own kids.

They influenced the flavour selection and one of the kids, eight year old Ella, took it upon herself to design a game for the pack. Perhaps it’s the beginnings of yet another award winning entrepreneur. Four year old William coined the phrase “yummy little Muesli Bites” which now features on the pack.

Both varieties of Carman’s Muesli Bites have a low GI rating; 54 for the Apricot and 52 for the Fruit. This means kids will feel fuller for longer and will have the lasting energy to keep active and alert during their sports lesson or in a tough maths class.

These little muesli bites are also a good source of dietary fibre, containing 6.8 g per 100g, but kids will be so quick to gobble them up they’ll never notice how healthy they are. Carman’ s Muesli Bites are accredited by Kids Connect and the Children’s Nutrition and Wellness Panel, which helps to assist parents in making better, healthier choices for their kids.

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