Bromic Refrigeration

Bromic Refrigeration supplies high quality refrigeration products such as glass door display merchandisers, display freezers, ice makers and packaged coolroom systems to multiple commercial sites including large hotel chains, retail chains, independent stores and other businesses.


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06/06/09 - Bromic Refrigeration offers commercial refrigeration solutions for wholesalers, retailers and large hotels. Their product range includes cake displays, chest freezers, various display units.
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06/06/09 - Bromic Refrigeration provides a wide range of refrigerated storage solutions for commercial establishments. The company offers a range of ice machines that makes solid ice and ice flakes.
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13/05/09 - Bromic Refrigeration provide a wide range of ice machines that are widely used in hotels and restaurants to produce ice for various applications.
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12/05/09 - Bromic Refrigeration provide Booster open display that is generally used in hotels, restaurants, bars, coffee shops and super markets.
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NSW 2128
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Fax: 02 9748 4289

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