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Embrace the FIFA World Cup with a Brazilian feast

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When the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil kicks off in June, Australians can join in by creating their own Brazilian feast.

Cheer on the game with official sponsor of the Brazilian national soccer team, Guarana Antarctica. Brazil’s most popular soft drink is made with Guarana berries from the Amazon Jungle.

The Brazilian barbecue trend can be recreated in your own backyard with Scheer rotisseries and grills. The Scheer equipment - found at top restaurants including Café Vue at Heide, Papi Chulo and Bridge St Garage - can be used in residential kitchens, balconies and backyards. Mop up the meat’s juices with Brazil’s favourite snack, Pao de Queijo- tapioca cheese bread, which can be made at home with Yoki Tapioca Cheese Bread Mix.

The tradition of ‘churrasco’ was fired up long ago when European immigrants settled in South America in the early 1800s. Combined with the cooking style of the native Indians, the unique style of slow-roasting skewered meats over charcoal was born, with charcoal rotisseries and grills now a fixture in Brazilian households, used for cooking steak, prawns, pork belly or ribs.

A Brazilian meal isn’t complete without some of the nation’s favourite beverages. Follow the Brazilian cocktail culture and toast your favourite team with Velho Barreiro Cachaça - a distilled spirit made from sugarcane juice and similar to rum. Muddle it with fruits to make the ultimate caipirinha cocktail.

For a healthy option, try Kanai - a natural sugar cane juice free of added sugar or preservatives. Hailed as the ‘new coconut water’, the delicious drink made from sugarcane plant extracts is taking Brazil by storm, packed with potassium and favoured as a post-exercise refreshment.

Fly the Brazilian flag with açaí, another healthy, fruity option. Synonymous with Brazilian cuisine, the açaí berry - a purple fruit from northern Brazil packs a nutritious punch. Amazoo Açaí has put a twist on the original, available as a zesty smoothie that can be enjoyed on the go.

Award-winning Miolo Wines, Brazil’s leading fine wine producer from the Vale dos Vinhedos wine region showcases Brazil as a top wine producer. Originally founded by the Italian immigrant Giuseppe Miolo in 1897, the family-run vineyard produces top varieties, from merlots and pinot noirs, to Chardonnays and pinot grigios.

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