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Bluetongue taps into the Tassie beer market

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article image Bluetongue taps into the Tassie beer market

Bluetongue  Premium beer is making a splash into the Tasmanian market coinciding with their participation in the Tasmanian Beer Festival 2008. Bluetongue will go on tap across nine venues in both Hobart and Launceston.  

Sarah Dennis, Marketing Manager of Bluetongue Brewery says, “Consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of the quality of their beer. Bluetongue uses premium produce from both Tasmania and the NSW Hunter Region providing the brand with a unique flavour that is free of any preservatives.”  

Tom Bawle, Manager of the Prince of Wales Hotel says, “The demand in Tasmania for boutique beers is really booming at the moment. We are excited to be able to offer our customers a great quality beer on tap.”  

Bluetongue Premium Beer range includes:  

  • Premium Lager – Brewed with German Hersbrucker and Tasmanian hops, local malted barley and soft Hunter water to deliver a crisp bitterness and tantalising floral aroma. A full flavoured and balanced Lager created for the Australian palate. ABV – 4.9%, IBU – 20.  
  • Traditional Pilsener – Imported Czech Saaz hops combined with premium Australian malted barley create a Pilsener in the traditional Czech style.  This highly awarded Pilsener has a refreshing bitterness and fruity hop aromas which are sure to please the most discerning beer drinker. ABV – 4.5%, IBU – 30.  
  • Premium Light – Crafted from a combination of the best Australian, Czech and German hops, this amber coloured light beer has a balanced bitterness with just a hint of caramel. Unlike standard light beers, our Premium Light is rich and complex in flavour and body. ABV – 2.7%, IBU – 20  
  • Alcoholic Ginger Beer – A unique ginger infused lager with a refreshing and lively ginger zing. It is an ideal thirst quencher and perfect for those wanting something a little different. ABV – 4.0%, IBU – 8.    
Bluetongue will be available across nine bars including:
  • K & H Your Bar - Launceston 

  • Royal On George - Launceston 

  • Star Bar - Launceston 

  • Sublime - Hobart 

  • The Theatre Royal - Hobart
  • The New Sydney - Hobart 

  • Prince Of Wales - Hobart
  • Lower House - Hobart 

  • The Quarry - Hobart 

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