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Pairing wine with food: decoding the confusion

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article image Wine preservation systems can prolong wine freshness

In recent years there has been a particular emphasis, even over-emphasis on the protocols surrounding food and wine pairings.

As the festive season approaches and many of us hold and attend countless events, functions, dinner parties and the like, it is a good time to expand our knowledge of the much loved liquid.

Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, Evan Goldstein, sommelier, wine educator and author of Perfect Pairings explains that many sommeliers are so precise about such pairings they tend to disregard what it is that the customer wants or prefers.

So what do you do if you are not at all fazed by this concept, yet want to ensure the food and wine you offer guests at least complement one another?

Goldstein advises you look for wines with a “moderate alcohol [content], moderate to high acidity, soft tannins and little or no oak,” as wines of this nature go with most foods.

When looking for wines of this nature Alpana Singh, sommelier and author chooses red wines that you can see through, and in terms of white wines, is advocate of Pinot Gris.

“It’s my Velcro of wines. It has acidity but also roundness and a little residual sugar – that’s the magic fairy dust of wine pairing,” she adds.

It is highly unlikely that we will ever reach an agreement when it comes to the perfect pairing of wine and food; however one thing we all agree on is that fresh wine is best, no?

Many hospitality businesses sell wine by the glass, which means full bottles of wine may be opened and remain unfinished for weeks.

Le Verre de Vin wine preservation systems from Bermar Australia offer the perfect solution, as they automatically preserve open bottles of still and sparkling wine for up to 21 days.

The wine preservation systems extend the shelf life of still wines by creating and retaining a controlled vacuum, a process that ensures the perfect amount of air is removed from the bottle.

By delivering and maintaining a calibrated infusion of carbon dioxide, the wine preservation systems ensure the natural fizz does not escape from sparkling wines, which preserves their original fizzy state.

The wine preservation systems prevent wine wastage and ensure it is fresh for patrons to consume, regardless of the fact that it may have been initially opened days or weeks ago.

Four different wine preservation systems are available to suit the varying needs of businesses:

  • Compact
  • Classic
  • Barclay bar 
  • Podbar

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