Bent & Curved Glass P/L

Bent & Curved Glass is a manufacturer of curved glass for display counters & display units and also supply laminating and double-glazing of bent and curved glass for display cabinet and architectural applications.


Supplier news
02/06/09 - Bent & Curved Glass supply a wide range of bending glasses that include toughened curved glass, annealed curved glass and laminated curved glass for residential, commercial and industrial applications.
Supplier news
01/06/09 - Bent & Curved Glass are suppliers of a large selection of bending glasses such as laminated curved glass, toughened curved glass and annealed curved glass for the fitout and building industries throug

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Bent & Curved Glass P/L (Head office) Update these details
257 Milperra Road
NSW 2212
Tel: 02 9773 1022
Fax: 02 9773 1055

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