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Cheese pastes are now available from Ballantyne Foods . They have been specifically developed for use in high temperature processes, such as frying, bakery, and retorting. These cheese pastes can be used with confidence in cooking applications where consistency of flavour and intensity are priorities.    

Ballantyne cheese pastes are also suitable for use in a range of low temperature applications, such as marinades, sauces, and dips.    

When added to pies, sausage roll fillings or savoury muffins, cheese pastes provide the desired flavour, without the difficulties associated with using shredded cheese. Handling problems are greatly reduced and a consistent full flavour is easily achieved.  

Cheese pastes are also perfect for use in doughs and for flavoured breads, pastries and cakes. The textual integrity of the dough can be maintained, while the ‘cheesy’ flavour is delivered in consistent, tasty mix.  

Apart from cheese pastes, Ballantynes also produce a range of packaged butter, dairy blend and margarine products ranging from portion control products - minitubs and mini wraps to retail products - tubs and wraps for the Australian and international market.

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