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BIS Shrapnel is a provider of industry research, analysis and forecasting services. They help their clients to better understand the markets in which they operate, through reliable and detailed market data, analysis of developments and drivers and thoroughly researched forecasts.


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23/04/09 - BIS Shrapnel, business researchers, will be conducting a survey into Australia’s food manufacturing industry. According to Richard Brooks, Managing Director, National Food Industry Strategy (NFIS), th
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21/04/09 - According to Dr. Sandro Mangosi, author of the Australian Foodservice Market report from BIS Shrapnel, Australians are developing a ‘national spicy palate’. Multiculturalism has seen the growth of res
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20/04/09 - The report from the industry analyst and forecaster BIS Shrapnel predict that the trend towards healthier eating will prove to be just as sustained as it has proven to be in Britain where the trend lo
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10/04/09 - Food industry researcher, Dr Sandro Mangosi, from BIS Shrapnel, said that Italian food is one of the growing cuisines in Australia.
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