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Alpen Products supply a range of catering products

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Alpen Products  specialise in the supply of catering products to the hospitality industry. A comprehensive range of catering products including napkins, disposable tableware, chef hats, doyleys, tray covers, place mats are available at Alpen Products. Alpen Products are an authorised supplier of disposable tableware from Duni.

Alpen Products manufacture and supply their own range of napkins. Alpen Products’ napkins are available in 19 varied colours, apart from the basic white napkin. Alpen Products supply for both retail and wholesale markets. White cocktail napkins, lunch napkins, regular and premium dinner napkins, and dispenser napkins are available at Alpen Products.

Various types of chef hats are also manufactured by Alpen Products. These hats are available with adjustable head bands and the height of these hats ranges from 3” to 11.5”. A gamut of paper doyleys in various shapes, sizes, and colours are supplied by Alpen Products. Round shaped doyleys in the size range of 3.5” to 14.5”, rectangular doyleys in the dimensions of 10” X 14.5” and oval shaped doyleys in four different dimensions are available. Alpen Products manufacture Christmas print doyleys along with white, metallic silver, and metallic gold ones.

Two models of embossed tray covers and a range of enduring placemats are also offered by Alpen Products. A wide range of reusable and disposable tableware in ten colours is produced by Alpen Products. Twenty types of table covers that are designed and printed to match Alpen Products’ napkins are also available. Alpen Products have introduced a new range of table covers that are printed with heart designs, and golden and silver stars.

Drink and food accessories such as toothpicks, bamboo skewers, baking cases, steak markers, and coffee stirrers are also available at Alpen Products.

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