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An Australian Holiday could be the Best Christmas Gift for Yourself

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Australians should put their Federal Government Christmas bonus towards an Australian holiday, according to the peak body for Australia’s accommodation industry, the Hotel Motel & Accommodation Association (HMAA). 

“Times are not easy and money is tight for many Australians. This Government bonus comes at a good time just before Christmas”, said HMAA chief executive, Lorraine Duffy. 

In the coming fortnight, millions of Australians will receive their Christmas bonus from the Rudd Government, as part of its $10 billion economic stimulus package.
Eligible families will receive a payment of $1,000 for each child. Pensioners will benefit from a one-off payment of $1,400 to eligible single pensioners and $2,100 to eligible pensioner couples, as well as a one-off payment of $1,000 to carers.
“It will be tempting for many to put this money towards a consumer product – a big screen TV or the like – but Australians should remember that these products are made overseas, and much of your money will also be shipped offshore.
“With an Australian holiday, whether in our amazing cities, our stunning regional centres, or our incredible coastal resorts, you will have a world-class experience that will change your life, and one that you will remember forever”, said Duffy.
Just as importantly, because of the fact that every dollar spent by a tourist gets spent over and over again in the same region, the decision to take an Australian holiday will be of immense benefit to the Australian economy and guarantee continuing growth in tourism employment, which already numbers 500,000 Australians.
“I urge all Australians to spend their Government bonus on an Australian holiday, keep their money in Australia, and give themselves an experience of a lifetime”, concluded Duffy.

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