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AEI Music Australia  provide customised music supplies and equipment for all types of commercial set ups including shops, restaurants, pubs, spas, cafes and clubs. The music they supply is licensed music for commercial use. Whether it is shopping or dining, music sets the mood and the pace. Music can change the mood of a place. It makes people connect to the place or brand. They plan to match the brand or the décor to with the right audio environment.

The DMX music equipment from AEI Music Australia include ProFusion XS system. The ProFusion XS system provides music and in-store messaging service. As many as 1000 or more hour’s worth of audio storage is available. The system has a hard-drive playback and four audio zones. Updates in the form of internet download and CDs are possible. The automatic music scheduling option allows selecting music by time of day, day of week or season.

The system has a LCD panel that displays the title of the song, genre and artist name along with menu options. The ProFusion XS system has in built DFX Sound Enhancement Software to enhance the quality of the music. The system supports distribution of music via Internet or LAN/WAN. It is possible to automatically change the custom schedules at any time of the day. The in-store messages can be disabled at any time as well. The messages do not cause any abrupt interruptions.

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