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Classy Cool Candles for your Table Top in LED’s or clean Liquid Paraffins and traditional wax

Table Candle Lamps 
AAA Cool Candle Company, the home of Decorative quality Candle Lamp Ambience for all occasions.

AAA Cool Candle Company  has the largest selection of light sources (Liquid Paraffin Wax Fuel Cells,  Electric Rechargeable Battery lights and Classic Candles) of any company in Australia. 

The tabletop lighting is distinctly unique plus diverse European and American Designed Quality Products combine 'ease of use' with 'low maintenance' (clean) and 'low running’ cost. 

Cool Candles™ is the ‘State of the Art’ rechargeable LED (Light Emitting Diode) Candle Lamp System which are ideal for applications where the elderly, children or animals are involved.   

Adds optimum ambiance to your venue
Other features and benefits of the decorative lighting:

  • AAA Cool Candle ensure the utmost safety and Superior Quality, leading to a heightened customer satisfaction time and time again. 
  • Over 1,300 possibilities to choose from you can be assured of finding a product style and colour to suit your interior and budget.  
  • The table candle lamp lighting doesn't have an open flame, doesn't use fuel, and are not attached to mains power so there is no risk of fire or burns to employees, customers, menus, tablecloths or napkins and no chance of an electric shock.
Cool Candles™ Versatile functions
The table top lighting ideal for the hospitality industry and can be used in the following:
  • Restaurants, Bars and Nightclubs: In and Outdoor Tables, bar tops, bathrooms, patios, serving trays, stages
  • Hotels, Casinos: Bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways, welcoming entrances, Banquet halls, wall features
  • Events and Functions: Weddings, Flower-arrangements, in décor baskets and bowls, Concerts, Picnics, as gifts
  • Events and Functions: Weddings, Flower-arrangements, in décor baskets and bowls, Concerts, Picnics, as gifts
  • Cruise Ships, B and B, Wineries: Bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways, bars, restaurants, decorations, stages
  • Well-being Industry: Fitness Health and Spa Pool areas, massage rooms, decorations, tables, patios, display units
  • Institutions:  Churches, Museums, Funerals, Corporate Cafeterias
  • Health Care Assisted Living: Patient rooms and common areas, cafeteria, lobby, nurse stations, bathrooms
AAA Cool Candle Company provide, safe, fun and beautiful lamp lighting for a great ambience within residential and hospitality applications.
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